Actor Jorge Losada discharged after more than a month hospitalized in Havana

The actor mentioned having experienced very strong pain, discovering that the hip prosthesis placed years ago had moved.

Jorge Losada Photo © Valia Valdes Rivero / Facebook

The renowned Cuban actor Jorge Losada He was discharged after almost a month of being admitted to the “Manuel Fajardo” Clinical Surgical University Hospital in Havana, as confirmed by the digital media. CubaNet.

Losada, 91, was being treated at the Cuban health institution for complications resulting from a hip replacement..

“The actor has improved and feels better from the severe pain he suffered,” a person close to the artist who requested anonymity told the aforementioned media.

Losada had been admitted for a pre-planned surgical procedure unrelated to his hip replacement.

I had very bad pain and they found that the hip prosthesis that they had put in me years ago was out of place. when they were going to perform another operation for a different problem, and that's why I couldn't barely walk. "They can't give me another prosthesis now because I'm older and they decided to give me physical therapy," the actor told CubaNet last April 6.

The alarms about her condition were also raised by the Cuban actress Valia Valdés Rivero, who in a Facebook post assured that the veteran actor had health difficulties.

"He is well cared for, from Monday to Friday at the Fajardo hospital and on weekends he rests at home," he explained.

Valia stressed that what she needs most at this moment is affection.

"Let him know that you care about him. It's time to support him"he asked.

However, about his care, Losada mentioned the physiotherapy team, considering that they cared carefully about him.

Soon, The actor can be enjoyed by the Cuban family in the soap opera “Renacer”, scheduled to premiere on Cuban Television in the last quarter of 2024.

His presence in that production was described as “unique”, ensuring that it could be his farewell to Cuban acting, presuming his retirement from the small screen.

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