A young Cuban from Matanzas who was missing has been located.

The young man had already disappeared on previous occasions.

El joven que estuvo desaparecido © Facebook/Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes Guiardinu
The young man who was missingPhoto © Facebook/Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes Guiardinu

Karen Fuentes López, an 18-year-old autistic young man residing in the city of Matanzas, who had been missing from his home for almost a week, was finally located safe and sound, as announced on social media by his father, Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes, who had previously asked for help to find him.

In an initial update on Facebook, Fuentes indicated that her son was found "in an abandoned house."

Facebook screenshot of Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes Guiardinu

"I was in an empty house that shares a backyard with mine," Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes stated in another subsequent publication.

Karen is very much Karen and has become an expert in these matters of sneaking away. At the moment, they are withdrawing the complaint and will go to the hospital for a Medical Legal examination," added the father of the young man, who thanked the concern and help received from many people.

Facebook screenshot of Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes Guiardinu

In the post where Sixto Osvaldo Fuentes Guiardinu asked for help, he had specified that his son - who has difficulty communicating - usually leaves home, albeit for a short time, and always returns without any issues, but this time it had not happened the same way.

Karen lives in the Pastorita neighborhood of the city of Matanzas and had been last seen on May 14, when she left her house at 10:00 p.m., wearing shorts and a pullover, without a backpack, water, or food.

The reports of disappearances of Cubans are becoming increasingly common in recent months, as well as the posting of pleas for help on social media to gather information, all within a context of escalating violence in the country.

Unfortunately, the search for another young mother, 24-year-old Karildi Marín, who has been missing since the night of December 14th, 2023, has been active for the past five months. On that day, the young woman, who resides in Párraga in the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, went to a party in El Cerro, and her family has not heard from her since.

Also missing is Lali Paola Moliner, a three-year-old Cuban girl residing in the Bahía neighborhood, in the municipality of Habana del Este, whose whereabouts have been unknown since March 3, two months ago. In this case, the child was last seen in the company of her mother, whose body was found on March 4 on the coast of Cojímar.

The story of teenage Maydeleisis Rosales Rodríguez, who disappeared almost three years ago in Havana, is also striking.

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