The U.S. denies humanitarian parole to the son of Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina, 31, was denied his flight permit despite having been approved for the parole program. His mother, a sister, and an aunt live in the United States.

Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina © Cristian Crespo F. "La noche no será eterna" / Twitter
Manuel Alejandro Marrero MedinaPhoto © Cristian Crespo F. "The night will not be eternal" / Twitter

The United States government denied humanitarian parole to the son of the Cuban regime's Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

According to Martí Noticias, Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina received a denial in his flight permit to US territory, despite having been accepted into the parole program.

Manuel Alejandro, 31, is the eldest son of the leader. A source close to the family revealed that in the United States live his mother, Solange Medina, a sister, and an aunt, but he has never traveled to that country.

Bachelor's degree in Sociocultural Studies from the University of Holguín, he worked as a commercial specialist at the Gaviota Tours travel agency, which belongs to the Armed Forces. On his social networks, he defines himself as "a lover of travel, makeup, and addicted to photography."

His Instagram account, which no longer exists, was a string of photographs of things that are inaccessible to most young people of his age (...) Yacht rides, stays at beaches and exotic places in Cuba, visits to exclusive exhibitions and pavilions are part of the daily life of Marrero Medina according to his social media posts and associates," highlighted Martí Noticias.

Last January, the Cubanos por el Mundo website shared several photos of Manuel Alejandro strolling through various Spanish cities.

In 2019, internet user Cristian Crespo F. shared other images of the young man on beaches, restaurants, and hotels in Cuba.

"Manuel Marrero Jr., a little Cuban boy who lives in Cuba, who does not go hungry, does not experience power outages or water shortages, who has clothes, who lives a life of luxury, because his daddy Manuel Marrero, today prime minister of Cuba, has dedicated himself to enslave and oppress millions of other Cubans," denounced the activist at that time.

That year, when his father took on a high position in the government, he faced criticism over some photos showing him traveling in one of the private jets used by Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro, and other top leaders to go abroad, a Dassault Falcon 50 private jet, which costs around 4 million dollars.

Days later, Manuel Alejandro deleted from his Instagram account the images in which he appeared posing on the plane with his maternal sister Mariam Ramos.

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