One dead and 26 injured in serious accident between a Yutong bus and a Moskvitch in Villa Clara

The bus was heading to Villa Clara airport from Cayo Santamaría.

A man deceased and 26 injured, including six children, is the toll of a serious accident that occurred on Sunday afternoon between a Moskvitch and a Transgaviota bus heading from Cayo Santamaría to Abel Santamaría International Airport, as reported by local press.

The deceased, named Rafael, lived in the town of Meneses in Villa Clara and was the driver of the car.

Images shared on social media show the deplorable state in which the Russian car was left.

Damaged vehicles (Facebook/Accidents Buses & Trucks)

The bus, on the other hand, overturned and lost all the windshield glass.

Facebook/Bus & Truck Accidents.

In addition to the fatal victim, one of the injured - whose identity has not been disclosed - is reported to be in serious condition.

The accident took place after the Minerva Curve, in the area known as Carmita's Crossroads, in the municipality of Camajuaní, Villa Clara.

The official press has not specified whether all the injured are Cubans or if there are any foreigners, taking into account that the bus was carrying 38 people from a tourist resort to the province's airport.

So far, the alleged cause of the accident has not been revealed either.

Facebook screenshot/CMHW The Radiant Queen of the Center

A video released by Health authorities in Villa Clara showed that up to seven ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident to transport the injured.

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It is unknown whether the deceased driver was alone in the car or if all 26 injured - 20 adults and six minors - were traveling on the tourist bus.

After the accident, the injured were initially treated at the Octavio de la Concepción polyclinic in Camajuaní, but were later transferred to the Pediatric Hospital and the Arnaldo Milián Castro Hospital in Santa Clara.

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As is usually the case in such situations, leaders of the Party and the Government, the firefighters, the Red Cross, and the Medical Emergency System were activated to provide assistance to the injured. Authorities from the Ministry of Tourism also responded.

Until the closing of this report, there are no other details about the fatal accident.

Accidents of all kinds have not let up on Cuban roads since the beginning of the year, following the same trend set in 2023.

Last week, ten people were injured, two of them seriously, after a truck carrying 25 workers from the Provincial Company of Road Maintenance and Construction of the People's Power (ViaMAC) had an accident in a town in Yaguajay, Sancti Spiritus.

In that case, the accident occurred after the truck driver lost control of the vehicle. The workers, natives of the municipalities of Sancti Spiritus and Taguasco, were heading to carry out tasks related to cleaning green areas.

In another mass accident, also last week, a group of 22 members of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) were injured on Tuesday morning after the ZIL 130 truck they were traveling in was involved in a serious accident in the mountainous area of the municipality of Candelaria, in the province of Artemisa.

Last year, 729 people lost their lives in Cuba as a result of traffic accidents. Authorities recorded 8,556 road accidents that left 5,938 injured. Human error was responsible for 91% of these incidents, authorities said.

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