Three family members die in a house fire in Havana caused by a motorbike

The tragic incident occurred in the early hours of this Monday.

Barrio en que ocurrió el trágico incendio © Collage Facebook/La Tijera
Neighborhood where the tragic fire occurredPhoto © Collage Facebook/La Tijera

A couple and their 21-year-old son died in the early hours of Monday in Havana after a fire broke out in their home, allegedly caused by the explosion of an electric motorcycle.

The tragic incident took place on 62A Street between 23 and 25, in the Buenavista neighborhood of Playa municipality, according to reports on social media.

The victims were identified as Ghislen, her husband Víctor, the couple's 21-year-old son José, who was studying at the Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE).

A publication from La Tijera indicated that Fire Department Command number 8 is located less than a kilometer away from the scene of the incident, but witnesses claim that it took them 45 minutes to arrive and extinguish the fire.

The neighbors did everything possible to rescue them, but they couldn't break the bars of the door and windows. They ran to the firefighters, who said they couldn't go to the place without being notified by the command post. "What a misfortune!" concluded the publication.

Facebook screenshot/The Scissors

The alleged delay of the firefighters in arriving due to a purely bureaucratic issue triggered dozens of critical comments from people wondering if it is really possible that this happened like that.

"Not only did the firefighters not arrive, but the ambulance never showed up either. The boy who was my friend and brother was still alive when they pulled him out, and they had to take him away in a police car," explained Darmir Urdanivia, a friend of the deceased young man.

"If the firefighters had arrived on time and there had been an ambulance at the scene, he could have been saved, but that's how it happened. Rest in peace Jose, you are loved and missed, my brother," he added.

Other commentators emphasized the confirmed danger of sleeping with motorbikes inside houses and urged to avoid it at all costs.

"They had a garage, but they tried to steal from them. While securing the garage that night, they decided to leave it inside the house because it was safer, and unfortunately, the tragedy occurred," noted an internet user familiar with the case.

"No one wants to kill anyone, much less die, and the man who passed away was not irresponsible at all; he adored his family. The neighbors rushed to call the firefighters, but they didn't show up due to pure bureaucracy because they had to wait for the command post to inform them," added the same source, reiterating the alleged delay of the firefighters.

Until the closing of this article, official press sources have not reported on the tragedy, which is not the first of its kind in recent years.

In June of last year, a fierce fire claimed the lives of seven members of a family in Centro Habana, two of them children, following the explosion of several electric motorcycles inside a home.

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