Cuban and Uruguayan women star in another funny video: "¿Coger o agarrar?"

Two women, one Cuban and the other Uruguayan, have fun playing with Spanish and the meaning of words.

A funny video is circulating on social media, where a Cuban woman and a Uruguayan woman exchange words in Spanish, highlighting the linguistic differences in their respective countries.

"Differences in words between Cuba and Uruguay," pointed out Yisley Hernández in the reel shared on Facebook.

The clip begins with the Cuban mentioning the word coffee, which, according to the Uruguayan, in her country they call mate, a drink that is not always highly appreciated among those born in the Caribbean nation.

Among the long list of terms used in Cuba and their equivalent in Cuba, they mentioned guagua (bus), malecón (esplanade), frijoles (beans), maíz (corn), aguacate (avocado), piña (pineapple), and bistec (steak).

The video ends with laughter as the two women mention the word "coger," commonly used in Cuba with various meanings. However, the humor arises because in Uruguay, as in countries like Spain and Mexico, this word has another meaning related to sexual relations.

In this context, they refer to the action of "grabbing" an object.

Recently, these two women starred in another hilarious video where they mentioned another set of words highlighting the linguistic variations of the Spanish language.

On that occasion, the video ended with laughter and a question: "What would a 'ñeri' be in Cuba?"

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