Motorcycle and Lada collide on a street in Havana.

A driver blamed two horses that were in the area for causing the crash, stopping all the cars. "It was crazy, they seem like hawks hunting and don't look at the consequences."

Moto tirada en la vía © Facebook / Accidentes Automovilísticos en Cuba / Pazos Leidy
Motorcycle thrown on the roadPhoto © Facebook / Car Accidents in Cuba / Pazos Leidy

An accident occurred this Thursday in the capital, where a motorcycle and a Lada collided on a busy avenue in the municipality of Havana del Este.

A resident in the area shared photos in which the motorcycle - which suffered the worst damage - can be seen in the middle of the road, and the car with slight damage to the front part.

Photo: Facebook / Traffic Accidents in Cuba / Pazos Leidy
Photo: Facebook / Car Accidents in Cuba / Pazos Leidy

"Via Blanca, Alamar, on the outside, after you pass the bridges of La Monumental (Berroa)," said in the Facebook group "Car Accidents in Cuba."

Photo: Facebook / Car Accidents in Cuba / Pazos Leidy

The witness pointed out that she does not have details of the accident, but living near the place, she often sees numerous traffic violations.

Capture from Facebook / Car Accidents in Cuba / Pazos Leidy

In that area, many vehicles usually ignore the Give Way sign when merging onto Vía Blanca. Also, some daring drivers make U-turns on Vía Blanca itself. Hopefully, there won't be any fatalities and the injured recover soon," said an internet user.

"I passed by there before that, and I assure you that it was because of the two little horses that were there standing, right in the same curve. When I passed by, it was crazy because they looked like hawks hunting, not caring about the consequences, and bang, there it is. I'm very sorry for those affected," another one said.

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