Amanda's evolution in two photos: in Cuba, and in Spain after being operated on.

On Saturday, June 15, it will be three months since the girl's operation.

Amanda Lemus Ortiz © Lara Crofs / Facebook
Amanda Lemus OrtizPhoto © Lara Crofs / Facebook

The Cuban activist Yamilka Laffita (Lara Crofs) shared two photos showing the incredible recovery of the girl Amanda Lemus Ortiz after undergoing a liver transplant in Spain, after the Cuban healthcare system practically abandoned her to her fate.

"Amanda in Cuba and Amanda in Spain after being operated on," Lara expressed on her Facebook profile, where she thanked everyone who collaborated in the campaign to bring the girl out of Cuba.

Facebook screenshot / Lara Crofs

The enormous work we did to help Mila and Emmanuel Lemus save their daughter was achieved above all thanks to the tremendous unity we had. I do not remember ever having had any disagreement with Mila and Emmanuel in any way. Today life gave me a beautiful goddaughter and a couple of loyal friends," he said.

Nearly three months after having surgery for the first time in Madrid, Amanda continues to make progress.

"Improving more and more each day, beautiful, she laughs a lot, something she didn't do before," Lara revealed last Wednesday.

The little girl continues to evolve after returning to the operating room on May 27 for a new intervention in which doctors placed a catheter with drainage and stent in the bile duct, which was dilating.

The dilation of the duct is due to the amount of antibiotic to which the girl continues to be subjected, due to resistant bacteria she contracted while in Cuba, explained the activist.

At the beginning of next week, Amanda will undergo a contrast test to see how the duct is functioning from the catheter.

The girl came out of the postoperative perfectly once again. Amanda and her parents have an enormous strength. Surviving everything they have had to go through has been epic," he emphasized.

Despite its positive evolution, specialists warn that full recovery may take months.

In these months, the patient has suffered several relapses due to the severe physical deterioration with which she arrived in Spain. "A precious time has been lost," said the Spanish doctors when they began to treat her.

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