Díaz-Canel asks Cubans to "scrounge" for food and not wait for basic basket items.

"We have to reach the point where this country can self-sustain with food... But we have to believe it. And each municipality has to produce its own food! And not be thinking about what will come in through the basket," he said.

The Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel once again insisted on the most important idea of "continuity," namely, that the responsibility for ensuring that citizens have their basic needs met lies with local governments and not with the leaders who control the centralized and planned economy of the communist regime.

Visiting the Naranjo People's Council in the municipality of Majibacoa in Las Tunas, the also first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) stated that in the locality there was "enough land" to produce their own food and called for "working hard" to achieve food self-sufficiency instead of "thinking about what will come in through the basket."

"We have to reach the point where this country becomes self-sufficient in food. That is what will truly give us security. Not depending on imports. But you have to believe it. Each municipality has to produce its own food. And not be thinking about what will come in through the basket," said the governor to local authorities, as reported by Visión Tunera.

Determined to "correct distortions and boost the economy," the leader of the so-called "continuity" proposed a new strategy to achieve the "food sovereignty" that the propaganda of the Cuban regime so often preaches, consisting of "having 'guapear'," which colloquially means "to show courage and bravery in the face of danger," according to the Royal Spanish Academy.

So that's it: Cubans must start abandoning the "social contract" that the ration book represents and, according to Diaz-Canel, gather the courage to grow their own food from the land. This is what was referred to as "eliminating excessive subsidies and unwarranted gratuities" in the language of the failed "economic and monetary reorganization."

"What comes through the basket should be for more. There is enough land here in Majibacoa to produce all the food for the municipality. And to provide food for Las Tunas. Now... we have to work!" said the ruler appointed by General Raúl Castro.

The call is repeated. At the end of May, Díaz-Canel told a group of neighbors from San Luis: “We are convinced that there is land here to produce the food we need, here in the municipality. And the hands are here, the strength is here. And the courage.” Therefore, it's time to “grit it out” if you want to eat.

The visit to Majibacoa this Friday left other pearls of the political philosophy of the ruler, including a meditation on the role of leaders in Cuba. According to Díaz-Canel, the best way for "cadres" to make the most of their time is when they go "to the grassroots."

"The time we dedicate at the base to solving problems, guiding the population, explaining. If we spend most of our time in the office, in meetings, and do not go to the base, we are disconnected from reality. And we do not transform, which is what is needed," he declared.

Demonstrating his skills as a speaker, the new secretary of the PCC in Las Tunas, Walter Simón Norris, committed to fulfilling what was entrusted by Díaz-Canel.

Making Las Tunas prosperous cannot be just a claim or effort. It has to be a decision of the people from Las Tunas. And of us, the 'leaders', who have to lead and support it. And it is said that to be great, it is enough to attempt greatness... So there is no other option but to fight," Norris concluded.

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