Three young Cubans die in a serious accident while returning from Yomil's concert in Holguín.

The driver of the vehicle is seriously injured.


Three young people died instantly and one was seriously injured after suffering a serious traffic accident in the early hours of Saturday, as they were returning from a concert given by the reggaeton artist Yomil Hidalgo at the Bariay club in the city of Holguín.

Facebook Capture/Bus & Truck Accidents

The fatalities -two women and one man- have been identified on social media as "Faber Ayala," "Geidis Reyes," and a young woman named "Odalis" known on Facebook as “Dominguez Doninguez.”

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Just this young woman was the one who posted some photos and excerpts from Yomil's concert on the aforementioned social network just before dying, which makes the case even sadder.

"If you come home voiceless, it's a sign that you enjoyed the concert. (Yomil)," he wrote alongside the images, which unfortunately are now filled with messages of condolences.

Facebook screenshot/Dominguez Doninguez

So far, the causes of the accident have not been disclosed, although apparently there was no other vehicle involved, only the gray tour bus in which the victims were traveling.

Front view of the tourist bus, which suffered damage mainly to the rear part (Facebook/Bus & Truck Accidents)

Images shared on social media have shown the lamentable state in which the car was left, a modern gray vehicle whose roof was completely crushed, especially in the back seats.

Side view of the car (Facebook/Accidents Buses & Trucks)

The accident occurred in the vicinity of Bahía Naranjo, on the Guardalavaca road, and the only survivor remains hospitalized.

Dozens of people have expressed their dismay over the premature death of the three young people in such a terrible traffic accident, they are asking for a full recovery for the wounded and calling for extreme caution behind the wheel.

As of the closing of this report, there are no other confirmed details about what happened.

Accidents of all kinds have not let up on Cuban roads since the beginning of the year, following the same trend that was already evident in 2023.

Last year, 729 people lost their lives in Cuba as a result of traffic accidents. Authorities recorded 8,556 road incidents that left 5,938 injured. Human error was responsible for 91% of these incidents, authorities stated.

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