Cuban YouTuber Frank El Mákina shows his $50 purchase in Uruguay.

"This is what 50 USD looks like in Uruguay," he said.

The popular Cuban YouTuber Frank El Mákina shared a new video on TikTok showing how much he had purchased for 50 dollars in a purchase in Uruguay.

The young man, who arrived in the South American country in December 2022 with his partner, also YouTuber "Soy Klaudia," decided to make this video to clarify some doubts that arose after a previous post, where some followers questioned the actual $50 spending on his purchases.

In the video, the young man showed a table full of products: "This is what $50 looks like in Uruguay. As you can see, I have all the purchases on the table, and I'm making this video because on the previous occasion they told me that I hadn't spent $50, that it had been more. Stay until the end of the video to see that it was indeed $50, because I have the receipt here and I will comment on it," he said.

"We have two packages of ground beef, a package of black beans, a bag of yogurt, a package of rice, cheese and bologna, a tomato, an onion, two lemons, a garlic, three avocados, two kilograms of pork, some Doritos, two flans, a butter, and a kilogram of tangerines," detailed from the purchased products.

To conclude, Frank showed the purchase receipt and explained: "In total, it was 1,985 pesos and 42 cents. I got back 15 pesos, and the rest was a treat that Claudia and I indulged in, a little bit of chocolate that we ate."

This video by Frank El Mákina is not only a window for his followers in Cuba and other countries about the cost of living and purchasing power in Uruguay, but also a sad contrast with the reality, full of needs and deficiencies, that his compatriots on the island suffer.

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