Prank on Cuban man goes viral: They made him believe he had won a million dollars.

A group of Cubans in Miami played a prank on their friend with a fake lottery ticket.

Cubans from Miami played a prank on their friend, which went viral on TikTok, where the video has surpassed one hundred thousand views.

In the video, shared by @juankrf, we can see Cubans riding in a car when one person is scratching lottery tickets and turns out to be the winner of the prize. "Today the misery is over," says the Cuban excitedly, who was already celebrating having won a million dollars.

The Cuban starts celebrating until after a while one of his friends tells him that the ticket is fake. "Why would you do that? This is disrespectful," says the victim of the joke, completely disillusioned.

"He was already in a Mercedes full of women," says the person responsible for the joke, who confesses that they bought one real and one fake at the gas station.

The reactions to the joke have not been delayed, and many Cubans have loved the outcome of this comedic video.

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