Cuban children receive donations sent from Miami

The Iron Man said that he has diapers left for older men and asked those interested to send him videos of the elderly in need to coordinate the delivery of donations.

Cuban children received donations of clothes, shoes and some sweets sent from Miami by emigrants who responded to a call to help sick and needy people in Cuba.

Former boxer Lino Tomasen, known as "The Cuban Iron Man", he shared on his profileFacebook a video of the delivery of the items to vulnerable families in Havana.

According to him, it is estimated that the aid that was sent incontainer full of items is valued at more than 50 thousand dollars.

Facebook Capture / The Cuban Iron Man

"That help that Pesca en Miami started by bringing people together, and then he told Limay Blanco and me that idea, and together we joined forces, both the followers of the great Limay, mine and those of Pesca en Miami...", he recalled.

"When people with big hearts come together with a single objective, a single thought, which is to give love, things like this happen," he said.

Lino revealed that on Sunday he distributed the last that was left, since Limay had been distributing merchandise for days.

"I still have pampers for older men, send me videos of the older people, you next to them to check that they are not lying, and call me so they can come get the diapers," he said.

For his part, the comedianLimay Blanco, leader of the "Christ Changes Life" Ministry, shared another video where he showed the great reach that the donation from the Cubans of Miami had for poor children and families in Cuba.

Limay explained that about 40 people in Miami and a few more on the island participated in the initiative, butWith everything raised they were able to alleviate the situation of dozens of families.

Eight fans, five rice cookers and a television were sent from Miami, as well as wheelchairs, medicine, clothing, shoes, hygiene products and food. In addition, with the money raised, they bought six fans, three queen pots and three rice cookers in Cuba.

The promoter of this project is the web administratorFishing in Miami, who called for a large collection of items of all kinds to give them to those who need them in Cuba. They had the support of José Ramírez's agency, a person who usually helps Limay in this type of company.

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