A Cuban mother is beaten to death in Camagüey

The brutal feminicide occurred in the Eden neighborhood.

Vehículo de Criminalística (i) y Cubana asesinada por su pareja (d) © Collage Cubadebate - Facebook/Diana Rosa Cervantes Mejías
Criminalistics vehicle (i) and Cuban murdered by her partner (d) Photo © Collage Cubadebate - Facebook/Diana Rosa Cervantes Mejías

A Cuban mother was brutally murdered by her partner this Tuesday in the city ofCamaguey, according to reports on social networks.

The victim has been identified asDiana Rosa Cervantes Mejías.

“Yesterday in the Edén district, Camagüey,This girl was murdered with a blow to the head by her partner. They told me that due to jealousy issues“, the Internet user identified as May Díaz wrote on Facebook this Wednesday.

Facebook Capture/May Díaz

The victim was the mother of a small child.

“I don't have many details.I only know that her partner killed her with brutal blows to the head and that she left a small orphaned child. I knew this girl and the truth is she didn't deserve a death like that. Very sorry. “Diana, wherever you are, I hope you find peace,” the source added in another post.

Facebook Capture/May Díaz

"On a day like today, a friend, sister, mother and daughter died for me. RIP, my sister. I have an immense void in my heart. A flame in our hearts has gone out," another person close to the victim wrote on Facebook.

Facebook screenshot/Yaimi Sánchez

At the closing of this note, feminist platforms have not echoed whatIt could become the first recorded feminicide in 2024 in Cuba.

The island closed 2023 with the highest number of annual femicides since the independent organizations Yo SíTe Creo en Cuba and Alas Tensas began collecting data in 2019.

In 2021, 36 femicides were verified in Cuba (141% less than in 2023) and 34 in 2022 (150% less).

In the course of 2023, after years of silence, the Cuban government admitted the problem, although emphasizing that there has been no inaction from the State.

Miguel Díaz-Canel called for "zero tolerance" with sexist violence, but he also assured in July that in the countryAny criminal act is "exaggerated" and in particular those of gender violence.

Attorney General Yamila Peña acknowledged in December, during a meeting of the leadership of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), that16,116 women and girls live in a "situation of violence", of which the majority are black and mulatto with a low average educational level.

A few days ago the Government assured thatsexist murders on the island totaled 117 "at the end of October", but did not specify the criteria used.

Last week the agencyWhich one insaid that heaverage profile of victims of sexist violence in Cuba in 2023 She was a 37-year-old woman, mother of at least one child, living in a rural area and murdered by her ex-partner.

In accordance withWhich one -which started from the under-reporting of 85 femicides (there are already 86) carried out by independent platforms- in 2023 a Cuban woman was murdered every four and a half days. The data means that on the island there were an average of seven victims of gender violence each month (7.08).

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