Yordenis Ugás on Ana de Armas' visit to Cuba: "The girl is not committed"

"The virtue of seeing and being hurt by the fate of your neighbor is not for everyone," the boxer stated in a recent interview.

As a result of the recent visit of Ana de Armas to Cuba, the Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugás has given her point of view on the fact that someone as famous and recognized as her does not speak out regarding the situation on the island.

In a recent interview with the Pichy Boys, the boxer said, referring to the actress, that “the girl is not engaged” with what is happening in your country.

“Giving the benefit of the doubt to Ana de Armas, I think she says to herself; Why if the Cubans on the island accepted their reality and do not want to sacrifice themselves or do anything for a change, Why am I, a successful, millionaire actress, having to sacrifice my freedom? and my peace for them. And the truth is, they don't appreciate it or respect it,” Ugás reflected in a Facebook post along with a fragment of his interview.

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“What I want to tell you is that it is not as easy as you think to speak from afar as you say... and that if it were easy everyone would do it. The virtue of seeing and being hurt by the fate of your neighbor is not for everyone“said the athlete.

In his dialogue with the Pichy Boys, Yordenis recalled that a friend recently went to visit his neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba: “I could choose, to be sitting there with them, eating a steak and sharing with the family or to be who I am, I choose to be who I am, for me it is more important to have the voice I have, to speak for them, than to be there with them; and I think that for all Cubans it should be like that.”

Yordenis Ugás is one of the Cubans in exile who has used his worldwide recognition to openly oppose and denounce the dictatorship in Cuba.

On the contrary, Ana de Armas has not expressed any position on the government on the island, something for which she has been highly criticized. Back in Havana he has been enjoying once again in nightclubs and sharing with friends.

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