Horrendous crime reported in Santiago de Cuba: A young man allegedly suffocated his father over a motorcycle

The young Cuban had threatened to kill his father on other occasions.

Crimen en Santiago de Cuba © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada
Crime in Santiago de Cuba Photo © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

A 32-year-old Cuban allegedly murdered his father in Santiago de Cuba with the aim of taking the motorcycle that his father did not lend him, according to reports on social networks.

“Another crime has shocked all of Santiago de Cuba this Sunday, when we learned that a son murdered his father in the Quintero neighborhood,” independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada wrote on his Facebook profile.

Captura de Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

According to the communicator, apparently the son suffocated the father due to the father's refusal to lend him the motorcycle.

He noted that this type of death threats were frequent fromFrank Leonardo Galbán Guerra, as the son is named, towards his father.

"The old man hadn't slept three days ago because he was afraid, he even slept with a machete next to his bed and the son came around 10:30 today and played music at full volume, something that never happens and he killed him," declared an anonymous source to Mayeta Labrada.

The young man fled and later surrendered to the authorities.

Captura de Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

The victim's name was Leonardo Galbán alias “El Blanco”, and the house where the crime was committed is located in Quintero, before reaching Cupet in that area.

It is known that the young man lived with his grandmother, known as Juanita, in the Rajayoga neighborhood and visited his father regularly, but always with the insistence that he give him the motorcycle, despite his refusal for fear that his son will kill himself, since he uses drugs.

In addition, they added that this is not the first time he has done this type of act. “More than a year ago he started taking acid,” he added.

They also contributed that "the young man went from party to party, always in show business and spent some time renting in the City Center with a woman who he used to ride horseback, alluding to his nickname of Gigolo Galbán."

The wave of violence that has afflicted the country in recent months has taken on an important dimension in Santiago de Cuba.

Last weekA young Cuban named Guillermo Alexnay Céspedes Chacón, 25 years old, and known on social networks as "Breezy Alexnay" was murdered at a party in a center called “El Ciroa”, in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

The last friday,Relatives of this young man protested in front of a Police Unit of the province to demand justice.

Yosmany Mayeta posted images of the protest on his Facebook page, which forced officers to leave the station, known as Second Unit "El Palacete."

Hundreds of people attended his funeral, which was protected by a large police presence and black berets.

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