Regime recognizes "complex energy scenario", but assures that the situation will improve in April

Starting on April 6, the situation will improve, said the Minister of Energy and Mines, but in the middle of that month it will get worse again.

The Cuban regime recognized that it is experiencing a "complex energy scenario" but he assured that the situation will improve starting April 6.

However, as explained by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente de la O LevyAfter a week of relative stability, the situation will become complicated again.

Interviewed for National Television News (NTV), the minister responsible for the national electrical energy system (SEN) reiterated his statement that the Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas thermoelectric plant will be synchronized this Monday, March 18, as planned.

The complexity of the “energy scenario” is such that De la O Levy offered data on the energy deficit combustible together with forecasts for the arrival of new shipments, in an arithmetic that will result in an improvement in the situation in the second week of April and, then, a return to the starting point and the return of the massive blackouts.

“The entry of the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas and the arrival of a fuel ship to Cuba are elements that will affect the national electrical system in the coming days,” reported the NTV.

De la O. Levy indicated that he had visited Guiteras "and we saw the progress of the maintenance, which - although it is not considered a capital repair - has touched more than 1,500 points of the thermoelectric plant."

“The commitment is maintained that the unit will be synchronized on Monday the 18th”, stated the Energy Minister emphatically. Once synchronized to the SEN, the largest thermoelectric plant in the country will provide 280 MW generated from “Cuban fuel.”

In relation to the fuel crisis, the minister recognized that it is “the fundamental problem” they face. “We no longer have fuel that is not purchased on the international market,” he stressed. This statement contradicts the previous one, since, if there is no “Cuban fuel”, what will Guiteras get going?

“We are going to have fuel for a few more days”… “We are going to have a few days of diesel,” stammered De la O Levy. in its attempt to hide a more than obvious reality: that the Cuban regime is without fuel reserves and depends on imports like never before, despite being in the worst financial situation in its history.

According to the minister, “exact planning” has been made to manage the 40,000 tons of diesel that will arrive in the coming days, and which is enough for about “10 or 12 days.” The priority is to have what is necessary “for the early morning hours, [so] that the people can rest”.

“We are aware that there are regions that spend entire mornings practically in blackout. And practically all day. And practically the entire country. And we are going to reserve that fuel that is arriving to us so that, during the people's fundamental hours of rest, they can have electricity.”

The entry of Guiteras will help improve the situation for a few days, but “Afterwards, the situation will remain tense, critical, due to the fuel and consumption levels that the country has, and the levels that we can acquire from abroad with the financial capacity that we have."

“Next week there will be better stability in the diesel. Not so in fuel. We are going to have potholes and a deficit of fuel for electricity generation… [However], on April 6 we are going to have fuel for generation. That is why this week we have a very tense situation. After the 6th we started refining and production amounts to 2,500 tons per day,” said De la O Levy hastily.

“Then we say: that week we are going to have a better situation. But then it comes back... Once again there is a pothole. “We are buying fuel with the limited finances we have,” concluded the Minister of Energy of the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel.

With your estimates, De la O Levy went on to affirm that the situation will improve “in the future”, to specify that it will improve for a few days in April and then return to its current level, with blackouts 24 hours a day.

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