Cuban denounces the man who destroyed her mother's house with hammer blows

She accuses him of having entered his mother's home after she ended their relationship when she found out that he had been in prison for allegedly burning a 16-year-old teenager.

Odnara Fonseca / Facebook © Hombre acusado de destrozar una casa en Cuba.
Odnara Fonseca / Facebook Photo © Man accused of destroying a house in Cuba.

A Cuban who identifies herself as Odnara Fonseca denounces on Facebook a man who entered her mother's house in Cuba and destroyed everything in his path with a hammer, in addition to supposedly stealing her cold. She published a photo of this person, who responds to the name of Yoel Rodríguez and who would have become angry after the young woman's mother, with whom she had maintained a romantic relationship, decided to end it when she found out that he had been imprisoned after allegedly burning a 16-year-old teenager, according to the writing that Odnara Fonseca has shared on her social networks.

"This man entered my mother's house and with a hammer broke her entire house, the television, burned all her clothes, the mattress, the ceiling and stole the cold from her," says the daughter on Facebook.

"I want justice (...) My mother has nothing to wear now. We have already fired the police and we hope they find him. Yoel Rodríguez, you left her with nothing, but you pay," Odnara Fonseca wrote to him.

Shortly before carrying out the destruction, the young woman shared an audio sent by the alleged aggressor, in which he clearly threatens the family. "Prepare now for what I'm going to do to you" "so that you believe in me, really," he said in the audio that Odnara Fonseca had time to record.

She, for her part, told him to do everything he had in mind and warned him that the police were looking for him. The man, for his part, demanded that he return a phone.

"Please share this, it was before he did everything he did. He is seeing the publications and is sending people to call my mother telling her to remove the accusation, that they are going to buy everything from him," added Odnara Fonseca , who replied to the aggressor that he had no intention of withdrawing the accusation from the Police. "You're going to prison. I swear that to you on my son's behalf. Don't hide anymore. Now you're afraid, right? You're just handsome with women."

The event has caused stupor on Facebook, especially after Odnara Fonseca said that Yoel Rodríguez had "a false identity" and had allegedly set fire to a 16-year-old teenager.

After reading the publication, a person who says his name is Eglys Bouza found a resemblance between the aggressor and "a man they have seen for three days hanging around San Agustín, in La Lisa."

The rest of the comments agreed to draw attention to the aggressiveness, violence and care that must be taken when choosing a partner. In this case, many saw the aggressor as having "psychopathic" traits, despite the poor quality of the photo shared by the victim's daughter.

What happened to Odnara Fonseca's mother is sexist violence, in a country where the most repeated profile among victims of gender violence last year It is that of a Cuban woman, 37 years old, mother of at least one child, living in a rural area and murdered by her ex-partner.

According to the EFE agency, in Cuba a woman is murdered every four and a half days. On average there are 7 victims of sexist violence per month. Odnara Fonseca's mother was lucky that the attacker did not kill her with the hammer.

At the end of October 2023, 117 incidents of violent death of women were reported, according to data provided by the Attorney General of the Republic, Yamila Peña Ojeda.

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