Limay Blanco donates a wheelchair to a Cuban woman with mobility problems

The Cuban State was not able to give this woman a wheelchair even though she has a rare disability.

The Cuban comedianLimay Blanco, leader of the "Christ Changes Lives" Ministry, donated two wheelchairs to a Cuban woman with a rare disability.

The lady's name isRaquel, is 62 years old and lives in La Coloma, in Pinar del Río. Her physical condition does not allow her to stand upright and she moves around on all fours. To do his social activities he had to rent an old wheelchair, for which he paid 750 pesos.

Raquelasked for help on social media to the comedian last week, because he couldn't afford to rent a wheelchair. "Look how I walk, I'm not pretending to be sick, I really need it," she said.

Limay, José Ramírez and other members of the "Christ Changes Lives" Ministry visited this Cuban woman and gave her a generous donation that will change her quality of life.

The religious institution collected for her,two wheelchairs new ones, a rice cooker, a fan, clothes and food. Raquel was excited. She covered her face so that the influencer's followers wouldn't see her cry.

At the end of the video, Limay managed to make him laugh, as he usually does when he visits the people he helps through his Ministry.

These are moving real cases of Cubans trying to survive with harsh life stories, in extreme poverty and forgotten by the government. The regime is not able to guarantee even a wheelchair for people with mobility problems.

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