Eduardo Antonio: "Many times I slept with people in order to have a place to sleep."

The singer revealed that he spent many nights at the Bus Terminal in Havana because he had nowhere to stay.

The Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio publicly confessed that when he was young in his country, he had to sleep with people many times to have a place to stay.

In an interview with his great friend, the presenter Carlucho, the singer revealed that he also spent many nights at the bus terminal in the capital.

"People don't know that I slept many times at the Havana Bus Terminal, and many times I slept with people to have a place to stay," he said.

All these harsh experiences, far from embittering him, ended up shaping a generous and supportive character for him and have determined his way of being with those most in need.

That's why, in my house, in our house, nobody goes without eating, and I don't leave anyone out on the streets. But life simply and plainly puts everyone in their place and at the right moment," he stated.

Eduardo Antonio was born in 1967 in Placetas, a municipality in Villa Clara. He became known in Cuba as a performer of rural music and gradually transitioned to ballads and pop music.

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