One dead after losing control of a car on a highway in Las Tunas.

The vehicle would have been dazzled by the lights of a Diana bus and lost control.

Auto accidentado © Facebook / ACCIDENTES BUSES Y CAMIONES
Damaged carPhoto © Facebook / BUS AND TRUCK ACCIDENTS

At least one person died this Friday in a car accident on the Bayamo - Las Tunas highway, after the driver of a vehicle lost control and veered off the road.

A post in the Facebook group "Car Accidents in Cuba" (which was later deleted) explained that the driver of the vintage car was blinded by the lights of a "Diana" bus – intended for passenger transportation in the eastern part of the island – and lost control.

The car, which although old was very well preserved, veered off the road and came to a sudden stop in an area of trees lining the highway.

The car suffered damages and one person is believed to have died, the post stated, which does not identify the victim or clarify if there are any injured.


Several internet users reacted to the post and complained that many drivers are not responsible with changing lights while driving, leading to regrettable accidents.

Accidents in Cuba cause hundreds of deaths each year. In 2023, 729 people lost their lives on the roads, a figure that increased compared to 2022.

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