One of the Canadian tourists injured in Cuba is hospitalized with brain damage

Despite the regime's silence regarding the 26 injured tourists and their health status, the granddaughter of the injured person stated that she has brain damage and an injured leg and is bleeding.

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A Canadian tourist who was traveling on the Transgaviota bus that suffered an accident on Sunday in Camajuaní, continues to be hospitalized in Cuba with a traumatic brain injury.

Despite the silence of the Cuban authorities and the official press regarding the nationality of the 26 injured tourists and their health status, a granddaughter of one of the victims reported the incident on Facebook.

The young Jaimika De Luca explained that her grandmother, in addition to the neurological damage, is bleeding and has a injured leg.

"My dad is on the plane right now to go see her and help her. She is much better. Apparently, everyone and the luggage fell on top of her. We hope she gets better. Unfortunately, she can't come back today. I'm glad everyone is doing better," he said on Wednesday.

Facebook screenshot / Danick Labbé / Jaimika De Luca.

Danick Labbé is another tourist who was traveling on the bus that was hit by a Moskvitch while heading from Cayo Santamaría to Abel Santamaría International Airport at such a speed that it overturned the bus.

He reassured Jaimica by telling her that he had visited her grandmother in the hospital. "She is in good hands, she had several nurses with her to help. Wish her a speedy recovery and that she can come back as soon as possible."

Danick, who suffered some injuries in the accident, returned to Canada on Thursday. He praised the management of the airline Air Transat for helping all the affected tourists and ensured that the response time was very good.

Facebook screenshot / Danick Labbé

The injured were quickly attended to, we provided first aid to those who could be assisted, the ambulances arrived quickly and everyone is being treated with care," said on Wednesday from Cuba.

Facebook screenshot / Danick Labbé

Although the Cuban authorities made an effort to provide medical attention to the injured Canadians (a large deployment of ambulances in perfect condition was reported at the scene), they concealed all information about the identity of the injured.

An attitude that contrasts with that of the Canadian media, which from the beginning reported all the information of a tragic event that, logically, immediately captured international attention.

On Monday, a pro-government Cuban communicator provided information about the injured in the accident, in which the driver of the Moskvitch that crashed into the bus died.

According to Henry Omar Pérez, of the 26 injured, only 10 remained hospitalized, all of them not in danger of their lives.

He also revealed that "all the children involved in the accident (six) are out of danger now, slowly leaving the hospital."

Omar Pérez emphasized that the driver of the Russian car who passed away was traveling alone and died at the scene.

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