Special Brigade finally catches the rapist of Cienfuegos

The individual was caught at 4:00 am in the municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros, where he had managed to escape.

Violador capturado © Saúl Manuel / Facebook
Rapist capturedPhoto © Saúl Manuel / Facebook

After more than two days of putting the authorities and the population of Cienfuegos on edge, the man accused of several sexual abuses was finally captured.

Dunién Hernández, who resides on Reina Street, was detained by the Special Brigade this Friday morning, as reported on Facebook by the user Saúl Manuel.

The individual was caught at 4:00 am in the municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros, where he had managed to escape.

Screenshot from Facebook / Saúl Manuel

The shared image shows him standing, barefoot, and dressed only in shorts, held by the arms by two guards known as Black Berets.

On Thursday, several videos were circulated on the Internet showing how the people took to the streets in search of the attacker.

The recordings allowed the desperation of the population to be observed in the face of the police's inaction in capturing him, even though his identity was known.

In a video, people were seen heading towards the shelter in the Buenavista neighborhood, where the fugitive had supposedly hidden.

There is absolutely nothing going on here, the man does not want to come out. It's packed over there, full of young guys, the police I think even left and nothing at all. So that anyone who says they already caught him, that's a lie," says a woman who filmed everything with her cell phone.

"Nobody has been caught here. They say he is inside but the man doesn't want to come out, and the Police haven't gone to look for him either," he added.

Confusion reigned in the last days due to the inefficiency of the authorities, and with the silence of the official press, versions of the alleged attacks multiplied without certainty of how many women the subject assaulted, or if they were minors or adults.

Indignation took hold of the residents in the city, who proposed to take to the streets armed with machetes and sticks to catch him.

This week, an alert was issued through social networks about the presence of the alleged fugitive rapist, who would have attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl.

The information indicated that on Tuesday the man "attacked a young woman on street 35 between 52 and 54".

"He put a knife to her neck and raped her, the police tried to catch him without success!" detailed a post by Jennifer Sánchez Rodríguez, who added that prior to this, Hernández had raped a 14-year-old girl and stabbed a man in the Buenavista neighborhood.

Cienfuegos is terrified by this, "he is still on the loose!" the publication stated.

That version differed from the one given by neighbors of Tuesday's alleged victim. They claimed that the man tried to rape the daughter of a woman named Yamitsys, who is a teacher at Armando Mestre Elementary School. He ripped off all her clothes but the girl started screaming loudly.

The minor's mother was taken to the Police to give a statement on Wednesday morning, they stated.

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