Criticism rains down on Edith Massola for keeping silent about the death of her cousin Carlos Massola.

On the day of Massola's death, Edith was worried about the loss of musician Maykel Blanco's wallet and posted about it on her social media.


The Cuban presenter Edith Massola has been the target of numerous criticisms on social media for remaining silent regarding the death of her cousin, the actor Carlos Massola.

The independent media outlet La Tijera published on its Facebook wall a screenshot of the artist's Instagram account from last Wednesday, the same day Massola passed away at his home at the age of 62.

Photo: Facebook / La Tijera

Edith Massola was showing the indifference and contempt she felt for him when, instead of dedicating a note of affection and respect for his departure, she was really concerned about the loss of musician Maykel Blanco's wallet and she posted it on her wall, with the emoji of two hands clasped in a prayer gesture," denounced La Tijera.

Facebook screenshot / La Tijera

That day and the following ones, the 23 y M host has been sharing photos and videos on her Instagram from Spain, where she is seen happy while filming her show with choreographer and director Liz Alfonso.

Instagram screenshot / Edith Massola

On Facebook, many have considered it insensitive that there has been no message of condolences from him for the sudden passing of his cousin, even if they had political differences or were family.

"The issue was that his cousin didn't have any dollars; if he had been carrying a good amount of cash, he would have suffered a heart attack alongside the deceased," said a man.

There may be many differences in ideas, but blood ties are unbreakable, and besides, family is a human being," said an elderly woman.

He should have taken a break in his schedule; almost all Cubans and artists did so, they dedicated a few minutes of respect and feelings to the deceased actor. With this attitude, he only shows his lack of empathy and feelings not only as a family but also as part of the artistic guild of his generation," said a doctor.

"This shows his lack of principles and human values, he cares more about a wallet; how disgusting," said a woman.

"The political differences in this case should be put aside, but there are people who politicize even family relationships and make themselves noticed in these cases," emphasized a man.

In families, no one is perfect, there is always an imbalance, but that's why forgiveness and reconciliation exist, and the person who is not capable of forgiving will never have a clear conscience, much less peace in their soul and heart," stated a mother.

Last October, Carlos Massola revealed in an interview with an independent media outlet that he was estranged from his cousin, the regime's star presenter, Edith Massola.

"She doesn't care about me. I call her cell phone and she doesn't answer. And I love her, she's my cousin, but she doesn't want anything to do with me," the actor told CubaNet.

At that moment, the actor speculated that she might be afraid to speak to him because of his political position. "It seems like she is scared. She is afraid to get in touch with me," he pointed out.

In recent years, Carlos Massola has been censored by the regime for the opinions about the situation in Cuba that he published on the internet, where he unequivocally called for a change in the system, the release of political prisoners, and the resignation of leaders.

In the antipodes is her cousin, who loves to act as an extra for the regime, serving as a presenter at their events and working hand in hand with Lis Cuesta Peraza.

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