The governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló does not resign from office but warns that he will not run for re-election

Rosselló did resign as president of the New Progressive Party.

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After more than a week of fiery protests in San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico, and several other cities around the world to demand the urgent resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló, this Sunday the politician did not completely give in in his official statement to respond to the demonstrations. .

He announced that he will not run for re-election next year and resigned from the presidency of the New Progressive Party, as he announced in a statement through his Facebook account. However, Puerto Ricans everywhere demand his immediate resignation, after the leak. of some messages between the politician and his government leadership in which they mocked the victims of Hurricane María, the LGBTI+ Community, other politicians, women, among other insults.

“I recognize that apologizing is not enough. Only my work will help restore the trust of these sectors and lead to true reconciliation,” Rosselló said in his notice.

“A significant sector of the population has been demonstrating for days, I am aware of the dissatisfaction and discomfort they feel,” he added.

“Given this scenario, I announce that I will not be re-elected next year. In addition, I am resigning from the presidency of the New Progressive Party,” the politician continued.

“Finally, I must be respectful of the constitutional order and I welcome the process begun by the Legislative Assembly, which I will face with all the truth, with force and in a responsible manner.”

“The priority must be the people of Puerto Rico, therefore, all my time must be allocated to fulfilling the responsibilities that I assumed as governor. “I put aside any personal interest by giving up my aspiration for re-election as governor next year.”

Outstanding Puerto Rican artists They have been at the forefront of the peaceful uprisings that have taken place against the governor's sexist, homophobic and irresponsible position.

The famous reggaeton playerDaddy Yankee demanded Rosselló's departure from office at the Premios Juventud, which took place on the night of July 18 in Miami, and where he went to receive the award.Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

In addition,Marc Anthony joined the protests this Sunday and called on the people of Puerto Rico not to give up.

Ricky Martin, one of those mocked by the politician's chat due to his sexual identity, has been another of the musicians who has led the demonstrations.

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