This is how the Cuban delegation will dress at the Tokyo Olympics

The design of the clothing that Cuba will wear at the Tokyo games has been highly criticized on social networks

Vestimenta de la delegación cubana a los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio © Twitter / JIT
Clothing of the Cuban delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games Photo © Twitter / JIT

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The Cuban delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games made public the clothing that it will debut at the sporting event, designed and made by the German brand Puma.

“Cuba will wear Puma at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. JIT leaves you with some images of the equipment presented today in Havana,” the publication, specialized in sports, announced this Wednesday on its social networks.

The tweet is accompanied by photographs of models with the clothing that the Cuban delegation will wear, both in competitions and in non-sporting events. As is usual in the uniforms of Cuban athletes, the predominant colors are red, white and blue.

Clothing of the Cuban delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Twitter/JIT

Beyond the color combination, which is difficult to harmonize, the design of the clothing that Cuba will wear at the Tokyo games has been highly criticized on social networks.

In 2016the design of Cuba's uniforms at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games It was in charge of the French designer Christian Louboutin, but on this occasion, at the moment, the name of the designer of the clothing has not been made public.

At the Rio event, the uniforms of the Cuban delegation were also highly criticized, especially the t-shirts printed with blue stripes and a red triangle with a star at the height of the right shoulder.

Clothing of the Cuban delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Twitter/JIT

The design of that time reminded many of the attire of convicts. The making of the uniforms for the Rio event was also carried out by the German brand Puma, whose headquarters are in the city of Herzogenaurach, with just 24,000 inhabitants, and where the Adidas headquarters are also located.

On this occasion, the design has also received a lot of criticism. Most point to a style of old lines that some, with humor, have called “vintage.” The use of flat colors and the combination of red and blue has provoked critical comments on the networks.

“Puma dresses the Cuban athletes! As part of the strategy to recover past sporting glories, costume designs from the past will be used. "If it works, that's perfect for me!" comedian Jorge Bacallao commented sarcastically.

His Facebook post has received comments from several Internet users who also appreciate a noticeable loss of quality in the design of the Olympic clothing. “The design was taken from Bohemia magazine,” commented one user.

“In the world of visual arts you have to know very well how to make blue and red understand each other... Those at Puma don't know,” said another. To which Bacallao responded: "when they commissioned the costumes, they wanted it to convey rebellion, that by paying homage to Baraguá it would seem that the red was saying to the blue: We don't understand each other."

“I don't know how to react to this. I thought it was a towel around the waist,” said one Internet user, referring to the skirt worn by the female gala uniform. “If it weren't for the color of the suit, I would order 2 chocolate salads, black cow and cold water… Thank goodness I'm colorblind,” said another user, comparing the design of the sportswear with that of the employees of the Coppelia ice cream parlor. .

“Retro, vintage, the latest vibe!” appreciated one Internet user; while another made a play on words: “Puma has a tremendous dog. “They threw hate on canvas there.”

Clothing of the Cuban delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Twitter/JIT

In addition to Puma, Cuban sports authorities have signed agreements with other companies to guarantee the participation of Cuban athletes in Tokyo. This is the case of the airline Air France, which will be in charge of traveling the Cuban delegation, according toCubadebate.

For his part, the vice president of INDER, Omar Venegas, said that the country allocated 43.4 million pesos to guarantee the material and logistical resources for the preparation of the athletes. Likewise, he stated that, in the area of nutrition, nutritional alternatives were ensured that allow athletes to perform at 100% of their capacity.

Likewise, José A. Miranda Carreras, General Director of High Performance of INDER confirmed that so far Cuba has assured the participation of 56 athletes in eleven specialties. Cuba will participate between 78 and 85 events, out of a total of 339 called for in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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