Representative of the European Union for Human Rights met with relatives of political prisoners

State Security surrounded the headquarters of the EU Delegation in Cuba, where Gilmore met with the relatives of political prisoners Luis Robles, Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca and the brothers Martín and Jorge Nadir Perdomo.

Eamon Gilmore e imagen de Luis Robles protestando en La Habana © X / @PresidenciaCuba - @ilianahcuba
Eamon Gilmore and image of Luis Robles protesting in Havana Photo © X / @PresidenciaCuba - @ilianahcuba

In the midst of the uncertainty ofCuban civil society on the agenda of the Special Representative of theEuropean Union (EU) for Human Rights (HR) in Havana, this Saturday it emerged thatEamon Gilmore He did hold a meeting with relatives of the political prisoners of the Cuban regime.

The meeting, held at the EU Delegation in the Cuban capital, was kept in the most absolute secrecy and was not published on the social networks of Gilmore or European officials, which is why hundreds of CubansThey lamented on social networks the lack of interest of the European institutions regarding the fate of those persecuted and imprisoned.

However, this Saturday the activistIliana Hernandez revealed that Gilmore held a meeting with relatives of political prisoners. The information was transmitted to him by one of those attending the meeting, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Relatives who interviewed Eamon Gilmore: mother of Luis Robles, wife of Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca and the parents of Jorge and Martín Nadir Perdomo. They testified that there are political prisoners in Cuba and they are tortured, they asked me to visit the prisons and see it,” Hernández said on his social networks.

This is a sample of themore than a thousand political prisoners of the regime, which includes protesters who took to the streets duringthe historic 11J protests in Cuba (theNadir Perdomo brothers), spontaneous protesters like the activistLuis Robles Elizástigui, or independent journalists likeLazarus Yuri Valley Rock.

“The EU Delegation in Cuba was the place where the meeting between Eamon Gilmore and the relatives of the invited political prisoners was scheduled. The headquarters was surrounded by repressors of theState Security, but they did not prevent entry. We regret that the press did not attend and capture the moment,” said Hernández.

The activist, one of the barracks and hunger strikers at the headquarters of theSan Isidro Movement In 2021, he regretted that the EU had not given visibility to its representative's meeting with the victims of the repression of the Cuban regime.

“This meeting was planned on Gilmore's agenda, why omit it from the press? Why so much discretion? Why ask family members for discretion, if the dictatorship was aware of the meeting? Silence Kills. Independent civil society wants to know,” he said.

For her part, the activistFrómeta disappeared, wife of the independent journalist Valle Roca, confirmed the celebration of the meeting on her social networks.

“We thank God that we were able to unmask the regime despite continuing to hide our political prisoners, as well as the serious situation of health, medicine, food and physical torture to which the dictatorship keeps them subjected,” Frómeta said commenting on the tweet. of Hernandez.

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