Mother of political prisoner denounces critical health situation of her son and lack of medical care

Political prisoner Eider Frómeta Allen has not received medical attention even though his health has deteriorated, denounced his mother, Gricelia Allen.

 © X / Ana Belkis Ferrer
Photo © X / Ana Belkis Ferrer

Gricelia Allen, mother of political prisoner Eider Frómeta Allen, denounced the critical state of health of her son and that he has not received medical attention in the Boniato prison, in Santiago de Cuba, where he is being held.

As a result of this situation, Frómeta has lost around 15 kilograms of weight, the organization warned.Cubalex.

Due to his condition, he was unable to get to the phone by himself; another inmate had to help him get there, the organization explained.

The denial of medical care and the control of essential medications is a violation of the human rights of people held in prisons, Cubalex warned.

The regime's harassment of this family has been incessant.

In March, a state security officialHe threatened Frómeta's wife with taking custody of their two children away from her. and follow up.

In addition, the repressor sexually harassed her and described the political prisoner as a “counterrevolutionary” and “criminal.”

Furthermore, last January, during a conjugal visit in prison, the opponent protested so that the authorities of the Boniato prison,allow access to his wife.

Gricelia Allen, mother of Frómeta,He reported that in February his son was tortured in the Kilo 8 prison in Camagüey.

The political prisoner was in a punishment cell, on a hunger strike, and when he was denied a mattress, he complained.

The repressors tied his hands and feet, beat him, broke his forehead and accused him of contempt.

The harassment and harassment by the repressive bodies of the Cuban regime against the relatives of political prisoners is not an isolated case.

Cuban Yusneilys Racet, wife of the political prisonerNosley Lázaro Domínguez Linares, denounced last December the repression she suffered in Cuba to the point of having to leave the country with her children, leaving her husband behind.

From the list of repressive actions of the SE,Racet suffered verbal and physical attacks, harassment and continuous threats.

Recently, political prisoner Lisdani Rodríguez Isaac, who is pregnant,She denounced mistreatment in prison in a letter and said she feared for her baby's life..

Rodríguez was sentenced to eight years in prison for protesting against the Cuban government in July 2021 and interned in the "Guajamal" prison, in Santa Clara, Villa Clara province.

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