A young man is stabbed to death in Santiago de Cuba

In the comments, people confirmed the fact and regretted that these events are so common in Santiago de Cuba.

Joven asesinado (i) y presunto asesino (d) © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada
Murdered young man (i) and alleged murderer (d) Photo © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

The stabbing murder of a young man in the Chicharrones neighborhood, in Santiago de Cuba, has left relatives, neighbors and acquaintances of the victim dismayed, who regret that events like these are becoming common on the streets of their city.

The victim has been identified as Odenis, alias “Chipojo.”, and died an hour and a half later at the “Joaquín Castillo Duany” Military Hospital, in that province, after being stabbed three times on Calle 7 between 22 and 24 Reparto Dessy, Chicharrones.

Captura de Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

By announcing the news of this unfortunate event, the independent journalistYosmany Mayeta Labrada He added that “people who were able to witness the fight heard that the named murdererJanier Polemo He shouted that he had no regrets and said, 'I did it and I would do it again.'"

Apparently, according to the information offered by the communicator, the victim fell to the ground and at that moment Polemo took the opportunity to stab him.

“The people who gave me information agree in their statements that both had already had problems before and presumably it could be 'a pending account,'” said Mayeta Labrada.

He also announced that the alleged murderer had been arrested, although the police station where he was located was not known.

In the comments, people confirmed the fact and regretted that these events are so common in Santiago de Cuba.

“"Murders due to settling scores or not, in Santiago de Cuba are something daily and historical. More frequent during party time. I lived and worked permanently in the center, both in the Chicharrones neighborhood and in the from Mexiquito (Asunción), from Santiago de Cuba. It's a culture of survival. That's what it is. The police always arrive late,” commented one user.

The truth is that murders due to settling scores or past problems are being frequent throughout Cuba.

Some days ago,A machete attack committed by a Cuban in the municipality of Guane, province of Pinar del Río, left one person injured and several injured.

The event occurred at approximately two in the morning last Saturday in the town of 20 de Mayo, belonging to that town in Pinar del Río.

The last friday,A young man, father of a girl, was murdered in Las Tunas, allegedly after a fight with a man who had gotten in over his head with his girlfriend.

The deceased, calledBrian Anthony Camel Rodriguez He was the son of a karate coach in that eastern province, named Carlos Camejo Alonso.

Even the actions of the police are questionable, and not only because of the delay in which they act on complaints but also because of the excesses they commit when carrying out their actions.

Recently,A Cuban police officer would be responsible for the death of Luis Yassel Mesa Brito, after a beating due to a false complaint from a woman with psychiatric problems on March 5.

The news was reported in the Facebook group "Denouncing crimes in Cuba", where it was detailed that the 38-year-old man had gone out to walk his grandson when a woman suddenly began to scream: "Let go of me." son! He takes my son!, pointing to Luis Yassel's grandson," they mentioned.

In the publication they specify that the police arrived at the scene and without verifying the veracity of what the woman said, they handcuffed and “brutally” beat Luis Yassel.

Later, at the Calixto García Hospital they declared the young man dead because he was bruised from the blows they gave him, after performing an ultrasound.

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