Cuban girl Amanda started bleeding again and may need another transfusion

The girl's belly is swollen and in the last few hours she vomited three times. However, her liver is progressing well and she is in good spirits and very active.

The Cuban girl Amanda Lemur Ortiz He continues his recovery after a liver transplant and two other operations, but in recent hours he has shown some unfavorable parameters.

According to the activist Lara Crofs, the little girl did not have a good night, she was very irritated and barely slept. Besides, His belly is swollen (he gained two kilos) since Tuesday afternoon) and vomited three times, which is not at all favorable in his condition.

"A scan was performed, where it was possible to verify a large amount of bile thrown into the side and a small hematoma in the liver, due to the catheter that had to be placed in order to drain bile, through which it began to bleed again. , so sodium heparin was discontinued and platelets were reinstated. If this continues, it will have to be transfused again."he explained.

"Depending on the latest measures, which are constantly monitored, The possibility of re-entering the room will be evaluated if necessary."he added.

Facebook Capture / Lara Crofs

Despite these problems, the evolution of liver after transplant is doing well. "Hemoglobin, bile, even the infectious part is more controlled," Lara said in Facebook.

Likewise, the activist stressed that Amanda "is in good spirits and is very active, which is very positive for the delicate state in which it is found.

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