A Cuban woman affected by the tornado in Havana: "Where is 'the commander' of this country?"

A neighbor from Luyanó appreciates the help of other Cubans, but questions the government's ability to respond after the tornado in Havana.

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A Cuban affected bythe tornado in Havana has questioned the response capacity of the Cuban government after that catastrophe in a video by Alain Rodríguez, the Cuban Paparazzi.

"Where is 'the commander' of our country? Where is he that hasn't come here to see which boy is missing milk?" said this resident of Luyano, referring to the Cuban ruler,Miguel Díaz-Canel, who toured some areas affected by this disaster shortly after it occurred, but according to this woman, not this neighborhood.

"Not even the patrol has come here, no one has come here to show their face," the resident in one of the houses adds in the video.areas most affected by the tornado in the capital of Cuba, while a person around him affirms "nobody." "No one has given me anything," another woman is also heard saying.

"We don't have power, we don't have anything...", says this Cuban, who thanked thegesture of some citizens who came on Monday night to help a the affected in this Havana neighborhood.

"We have a minimum thanks to you who came to give us something. And since you helped us, we take it. ButHow many people have had their roofs fall in?... How many people have been worse than us?"comments this woman.

In the video, a person is heard saying that "we are here on behalf of ourselves" and "that one thing cannot be linked to the other."

However, this neighbor from Luyanó responds: "No, no, we can't link anything, we are talking about a reality, where has someone come to stand up for us? No one."

"But this is not the time. This is not the space for this," another woman tells her.

The video shows the desperation of the neighbors beforethe critical situation that exists in several locations in Havana after the passage of this tornado that has leftat least four dead and 195 injured, according to the latest official information.

Although the powerful tornado has left homes destroyed, neighbors homeless, streets full of rubble and a landscape almost of war, the highest Cuban authorities, Díaz-Canel and Raúl Castro, have presided in Havanathe Torch March to give "his support to the Bolivarian revolution" and "a yes for the constitution."

This decision to hold a political event, while the residents of many neighborhoods of the Cuban capital recover from the catastrophe, was criticized by many Cubans on social networks.

Regla, October 10, Santos Suárez are some of the areas of Havana most affected by the tornado.

Photo: Screenshot / Cubadebate / Darío Gabriel Sánchez

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