The terrible conditions of the immigration prison in Chiapas from which the Cubans escaped

The Mexican government has said that “criminal complaints” will be filed against the Cubans responsible for the mass escape.

Imágenes de la Estación Migratoria Siglo XXI. © Facebook / Javier Díaz
Images of the 21st Century Immigration Station. Photo © Facebook / Javier Díaz

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Last Thursday, 645 migrants, most of them Cuban nationals, They escaped from the Siglo XXI Immigration Station, located in Tapachula, Mexican state of Chiapas.

According to a note issued by the Government Secretariat, together with the National Migration Institute (INM), a group of Cuban men violently broke into the area reserved for women, causing the “invasion” to spread to other areas. from the center.

The government of Mexico has expressly said that “criminal complaints” will be filed against the citizens of the Island, responsible for the massive escape. However, they have not made public the terrible conditions of the property where the undocumented immigrants were housed.

Recently, Javier Diaz, correspondent for Univision, shared on his social networks images that manage to reveal the inhospitable environment where the Cubans were detained, along with other migrants.

Unclean latrines full of waste, showers surrounded by dirt and garbage, and hallways overflowing with mattresses where expatriates sleep, are just some of the descriptions published by the journalist.

According to Díaz, the station - the largest of its kind in Mexico - has a maximum capacity for 800 people, however, INM officials had almost 3,500 migrants detained within its facilities, of which 1,200 were Cuban nationals.

He has even commented that it was the Station's own security officers who opened the doors for the migrants to flee, contrary to the statements issued by the Government Secretariat.

“It was freedom or death, but really we didn't put pressure, we didn't put pressure to get out of that escape, really all the doors were open,” he told the network. Televisa Mildred, one of the Cubans who escaped from the compound.

The official version of the INM assures that the group of migrants from the Island managed to open the main door of the property, generating "an unauthorized exit of 645 people", without being confronted by the center's officials or the guard on duty.

In the statement issued by the Mexican authorities it is stated that the "INM personnel do not have the capacity or instruments" to deal with a situation of this magnitude. In addition, it was clarified that the security officers do not have weapons and that they repeatedly called for calm.

Besides, On Sunday in the early hours of the morning a new group of 14 Cubans - along with two Salvadorans - fled from another Immigration Station in Chiapas, located on the Comitán-La Trinitaria highway. INM sources detailed that those responsible broke a window and then jumped over a fence at the back of the property and have not yet been located.

24 Hours Chiapas / Facebook

Mexico has deported more than 300 Cubans in the last month, thanks to a memorandum of immigration cooperation agreed with the Government of the Island.

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