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Carlos Otero is a Cuban presenter and host born on June 16, 1958 in Havana, Cuba.

Otero is considered by the Cuban public as one of the best entertainers and hosts of all time. His versatility as a host, interviewer, presenter and even actor of humorous programs gave him a place in the most popular entertainment programs on Cuban television, making him its star presenter during his 30-year career in Cuba.

As he himself has recognized on several occasions, he forged his own style inspired by the greats of Cuban broadcasting, Germán Pinelli, Cepero Brito and Consuelito Vidal.


In 1978 he debuted as one of the 9 announcers of the program "Para Bailar" that was broadcast every Sunday on television and from which important hosts and actors such as Lily Rentería, Mara Roque, Albertico Pujol, Rebeca Martínez and Néstor Jiménez came out. Para Bailar was on the air until 1983 and thanks to the professionalism of its participants and the charisma of its presenters, it became one of the most successful participation programs of its type, serving as a reference for later programs such as Bailando en Cuba.

But perhaps it is "Sabadazo" by director and screenwriter Julio Pulido, the program for which Cubans best remember Carlos Otero. On July 4, 1993, when the hardest years of the Special Period were going on, Cuban television brought together in its Saturday night primetime schedule, under the stellar leadership of Otero, a group of comedians who would establish themselves as the best of the 90s on the island. The space enjoyed great acceptance and popularity among an audience that, drowned by economic shortages, waited for that hour of entertainment every Saturday. Ulises Toirac, Orlando Doimeadios, Bongó quiñongo, Geonel Martín (Gustavito) who debuted as a comedian in the program, Ángel García Mesa (Antolín el Pichón), among other figures who today are fundamental when talking about Cuban Humor, passed through Sabadazo.

Carlos Otero abandoned hosting the program at the beginning of 1996 because he understood that the television space needed a change that did not come.

Initially, Carlos Otero was chosen in 1998 to lead the space 23 and M, but he abandoned the project after 3 months and Edith Massola went on to lead it.

In 2007 he returned to host a high-rating primetime program "Con Carlos y Punto" in which he once again combined humor with interviews and music.
That same year he had an appearance in Ulises Toirac's comedy "Swear to tell the truth." This program was interrupted and taken off the air because at the time of its broadcast the news of its arrival in the United States was already known.

Otero emigrated to Miami via Canada with his two children and his wife in December 2007. His arrival and reception were televised. A few days before he had been awarded the Animator of the Year Award in Cuba.

Upon his arrival, he gave several interviews in some programs and signed on for AmericaTeVe Channel 41. Faithful to his hosting style, he has been presenting the TN3 program on this network for several years with his set partner, the Venezuelan Mónica Pasqualotto. Throughout these years he has been able to meet again with figures from the island who have visited the city of exile.

In December 20014 he met again live on América TV with part of the cast of Sabadazo.

Both in his own show TN3, as well as on his Facebook and Instagram profiles, he shows his opinions against the Cuban government's policy and denounces the situation in which the people of the island live.

Otero has been romantically linked for 7 years to the Cuban showgirl Haniset Rodríguez with whom he also shares a set.