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Andy Ernesto Vázquez Toirac is a Cuban comedian born in 1975 in Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba.

At the age of 14, he appeared in the soap opera "Prefiero las rosas" by Raúl Pérez Sánchez. Later, he made some appearances in regular TV shows in Cuba such as "Tras la huella," "Jura decir la verdad," and "No quiero llanto." He also served as a jury member in the popular comedy show "Los amigos de Pepito" on the island.

Andy Vázques's opportunity came with his inclusion in the cast of the popular and notable comedy show Vivir del Cuento. His ability to portray characters as diverse as Facundo Correcto, Ángel Bueno (Aguaje), and Bienvenido Blanco Blanco earned him great popularity among the Cuban audience, establishing him as one of the main comedians in the Cuban repertoire.

Alongside the cast of "Vivir del Cuento," he won several awards in different festivals in Cuba, such as the Aquelarre (2002), the Television Festival (2013), the Caricato Award for Acting, and the Barrio Award, both in 2014, among others.

In 2016, following his visit to Cuba, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, took part in a sketch with the main actors of "Living from the Story" in which he plays a game of dominoes with Pánfilo and Chequera.

In 2019, Andy made headlines after being left out of the cast of "Vivir del Cuento" and was suspended by the authorities of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT). The incident was motivated by the alleged consequences within Cuba of the material titled "Las Chivate-rías de Facundo", where the character said that in the capital they would reintroduce the policy of basic, non-basic, and directed products that the stores in Cuba used to regulate products in the first decades of Fidel Castro's revolution.

Each Havana resident will have to go to the Cuatro Caminos market once a month and will be able to buy one of each of the products. The basic option is a meat product, and you can choose between chicken, pork, or lamb; the non-basic option allows for a detergent, a floor blanket, or a tomato puree; and the directed option contains asparagus, flavoring, and fabric softener," it said.

The criticism arose following the incidents that occurred with the reopening of the popular Havana market Cuatro Caminos and the subsequent damage caused after its inauguration by a group of people who gathered there to shop.

Facundo's material made authorities uncomfortable, and the artist was expelled from the popular television comedy.

In December 2019, he traveled to Miami and although initially he implied that he would return to the island, where his followers were asking for a second chance for him on the TV show "Vivir del Cuento", the comedian finally decided to stay.

From that moment on, Andy Vázquez had to deal with numerous threats made from the island as well as with the contempt and insults from the official Cuban media. The Ministry of Education (MINED) wrote in February 2020 the tweet "Andy Vázquez a misunderstood civic? Come on, spare me that story." In August 2020, the official journalist Jesús Álvarez López characterized the comedian along with other Cuban artists as "victims of weak stances."

Andy Vázquez signed on in January 2020 for the show on MegaTV and on Univista TV presented by the popular Cuban comedian Carlucho.

Andy, who was already bringing characters to life in Cuba, has managed to add Lina la Javá, the most popular one, Amore H "La Calentica, among others, which make him one of the most beloved comedians in Miami for his artistic versatility.